2019 Lineup


Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Royal Bliss has been making their mark for years with a consistent work ethic of writing, recording, and touring that have helped build the success of the band.  Their wide variety of influences from Johnny Cash to Led Zeppelin mold the sound that is uniquely theirs and cannot be denied.  Their music speaks to the common man, tells a story and rocks out with a good party crowd, all the while being delivered by the inimitable deep and raspy voice of front man, Neal Middleton.

Royal Bliss started in a basement as kids who had a passion for music and a drive to succeed.  Over the years their music has evolved from what would echo a rockin’ late night frat party to Folk and Country, to straight up Rock N’ Roll,”it’s a musical cocktail” that celebrates life’s good times, hardships, love and raw emotion, while paying homage to their classic rock roots.

They began as a rock band achieving early success with their music on several rock radio stations.  In 2009 their Capitol Records debut “Life In-Between” charted on the Billboard top 200 and was #1 in Billboard Heatseekers.  In 2012 the independently released “Waiting Out The Storm” reached #9 on the iTunes Rock Chart and hit #2 in Billboard Heatseekers. In 2014, “Chasing The Sun” was recorded and released again on their own label, Air Castle Records, with distribution through Universal (INgrooves) Music Group.  On the Chasing The Sun album the alternative roots of the band shined on the album’s single “Cry Sister” that climbed the Active Rock chart to (#31) and was Royal Bliss’ 6th Single to crack the top 50 on Active Rock radio.

They have toured with acts such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Buckcherry, Candlebox, Kid Rock, and Brett Michaels and have grown into seasoned and dynamic live performers with a solid fan base across the country. “We have always done our own thing by singing songs about things that are real and that are happening to us in the current state of the world,” Says Middleton.

This last 2016 summer Royal Bliss released their 5 song EP entitled “The Truth” on June 3rd.  It is a collection of original songs that bridged a gap between rock and country.  The EP’s focus track “We’re All Livin’ The Dream” had its World Premier on CMT and kick started the summer touring with many of the nations biggest festivals including 5 Live Nation Country Fests featuring monster acts like Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, The Cadillac Three, Aaron Lewis. and many more.

The band is currently touring, and plan to finish recording the new album in January 2019. Should be released in spring 2019.



Tom Bennett and the Living Proof is the full band of nationally touring country/ blues performer Tom Bennett.
Tom, a Georgia native, has been touring nonstop for 6 years performing over 2,000 shows in 41 states.
He won a Best of Utah Album in 2017 and has opened for artists such as Grammy Winners Los Lobos, Blackhawk, Ty Herdon, Lukas Nelson, and countless others.
Tom is the founder of The Colorado City Music Festival.


Cleo is heavy hitting, guitar centric Funk Rock band that blends elements of nostalgic generes with a fresh take from young eyes. Though this band is full of young faces, its roots run quite deep having formed in late 2015 by lead guitar player Jade Bonner, drummer Eli Sabiatis, and bass player Ryan Ruggiero later adding lead vocalist Kaleb LaFountain to mix in the summer of 2016, diving head first into the writing process and dialing in their sound. Whether you like to head bang, shake your butt on the dance floor, or slow dance with a loved one, Cleo will have something you can enjoy and they do it all with a passion that you can feel emitting from the stage.


NVM is an American rock band currently based in St. George, UT, formed near the end of 2016. Their first release, the EP “NEVERMIND” was released in early 2017, followed by a second five-song EP titled “Aqua Cross” in early 2018. The band’s first full-length album is scheduled to be released in 2019.


Lisa Macfarlane has a style and sensibility that is entirely her own, one that injects some much needed originality into the genre of blues rock and establishes a true original voice. Her first studio album “Picnic” (available streaming everywhere) demonstrates that Mac has both the vocal and instrumental chops to distinguish herself in a competitive environment. This year she has been performing in and around Las Vegas and St. George, at music festivals, parties, political fundraisers, and blues bars. Her voice is impressive, powerful, and identifiable. Even better is the fact that she actually has things to say. Her lyrics are empowering and positive and come from an undeniably female perspective. Watch out for her next album, Lover, which is in the works right now! Follow Lisa Macfarlane on Youtube, Spotify, and wherever you listen to music to get the new release as soon as it hits the shelves. Find more at www.LisaMacLV.com.


Dick Earl Ericksen is the type of musician that it only takes a few notes to know you are going to like everything he does.
Whether he is penetrating your soul with stirring harmonica abilities, getting you hooked with incredible looping guitar styling, or grabbing your attention with deep, raw, bluesy vocals–Dick Earl will make it clear, through every note, you are witnessing a true professional possessing the gift of music.
This is authentic southern blues music and Dick Earl does it very well.



Born and raised in Short Creek, Marj was given the nickname “Marji Mozart” because of her earliest musical abilities. Her Mother, the late Kathy Jessop, was an accomplish singer, song writer, arranger, who also taught piano and voice. Marj learned how to play the piano and sing by observing her mothers lessons, then practicing after her mothers students had gone. Marj’s first public performance was at the age of 2, where she performed along with her older siblings in one of her mothers many recitals. She wrote a song for the first time at the age of 8, and arranged music from the time she was 14. By the age of 17, she began teaching piano, along with working as a freelance musician for local private events, writing and arranging music. She started writing and arranging for the church choir at age 23, until she left the church at 28. In her hometown, she produced and released a few instrumental albums, including a mix of classical, jazz, and later a Christmas album, all her own arrangements, orchestrations, and performances. Marj was a member of her mothers show choir, and has been on the stage since her earliest years. She has recently been doing private performances and solo concerts, as well as working with local artists and bands for various events. Although, Marj is very versatile in her style and genres of music, her sound is most often pop, soul, and jazz.

2020 4th Annual event at The Colorado City Music Festival



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